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The evolving face of involvement written by Nadia Genevieve D'Rozario

What egged me on to penning my thoughts on this is how I see people changing in today’s socio-political scenario…we no longer wait for decisions to be made for us or stand as old Hindi movies would portray: bystanders to grave injustices. We get involved.What’s brought about this change? A combination of factors to my understanding…the age old ‘chalta hai’ Indian mentality has long been abolished since the new face of media and entertainment where press has become opinionated (to my disdain…this is supposed to be an unbiased media…yet emotions and sensationalization run galore)…and movies that push people to act as you would ...

No more home button on the iPhone 5?

The iPhone 5 is going to be running off the latest operating system by Apple, the iOS 5. The 3rd beta version of iOS5 was recently released to developers with the new “Assistive Touch” feature that seems to take the place of an iPhone home button.
This touch panel allows users to control their gadget display, thus could replace the home button. Also, the mute button and volume buttons will become useless if the “Assistive Touch” feature is enabled.
The “Assistive Touch” feature has the following commands:-Rotate screen-Lock screen-Volume up-Volume down-Shake
It works like the home button, except with more features. The new feature will also enab ...