Tips to Wish Birthdays

06/25/2017 by Taimoor Khan

There are many ways to greet your loved ones so that they could feel it that how much he/ she is important in your life. We can greet them by sending SMS. We all do this but we also know that coping someone else's quote and then just sending it never worked much. Then else what we can do to make them feel very  special. There are some ideas which one can use while sending SMS.

1) You can create your own e-greeting cards. There are many software’s and application available over internet from which you can create your own e-greeting cards. Websites like, blue mountain, American greetings, Hallmark ecard also facilitate to create and send ecards to your special ones.

2) write Poem. One can write poem as a MSG but keeping in mind that it will be more effective if the poetry is written by your own. Try to mention the name of a person in a poetry to whom you are about to send greetings. This will surely lead to have great impact over them.

3) Sing a song. Sing a song which you want to dedicate to them and record it You can send this song as a message.

4) Create E-photo album. You can make e-photo album in which you can add picture of your own with your special one . For this you can use internet, there are many digital albums making software’s available over internet.

5) iTunes gift cards. Send iTunes gift cards to them. It is always appreciated. Your recipient can download any music.

6) Make your own video. Make you own video in which you are greeting them and you can send it as multimedia message(MMS). This kind of greetings always works because you can express your happiness directly through your video.

7) Facebook status. Social media sites are nowadays most crucial part of everyone's life. So, you can create the funniest messages by adding pictures and video of the person who have their birthday.

8) Picture of a cake. Send picture of a cake over which name of person having birthday should be written.

This will make them feel like awesome. This will denote that you are also celebrating their happiness. These are the 8 perfect methods for wishing your loved ones even if you are far away from them. All these methods can be used as message gifts. Other than these methods there are also many ways one can use like, e-mail greeting cards, sending jingles, cartoon cards with their face over it Everyone loves his or her birthday, so don't try to make their birthday as usual, try to make as unique as we can do so that they could remember it even after many years. We have only few special days in a year in which we can let them know that how much we love them and how much we care for them.