SASH - An essential new fashion statement

09/04/2011 by Sheetal Rajan

SASH is the essential new fashion statement for real women.

Indo-western fusion finds its home in bohemian design essence,

compiled by two designer sisters. When the method of Sandhya and the

madness of Sheetal combine, couture connoisseurs can look forward to

new garbs sculpted to become classics.


The first collection of SASH - The Gypsy, is an eclectic collection of

designs drawing inspiration from the Silk Route of the hippie age and

the classic Indian. Colours, comfort and charisma form the very

foundation of this collection.


Fashion • Image • Design • Accessories

Sandhya Rajan +971 (50) 695 0052

Sheetal Rajan +971 (50) 454 1519