Cyclist Captures New York Through the Eyes of a Bicycle

01/14/2014 by Posted by Pinar

New York Through the Eyes of a Road Bicycle is a photo project by designer and photography enthusiast Tim Sklyarov that explores the city that never sleeps from the point of view of an urban cyclist. Everything from the iconic flashing lights of Times Square and bustling streets of the city to the less touristy avenues populated with street signs and apartment buildings, Sklyarov captures the Big Apple from a uniquely encompassing perspective.

The photographer introduces his collection by saying, "When you cycle on the streets you see [the city and its inhabitants] in a very different point of view. Let me share with you some photos I took last year – NYC through the eyes of a road bike." The images present an interesting viewpoint of the culturally rich city, one that only bike messengers and cyclists actually get to experience. With Sklyarov's hands firmly gripped onto the handlebars of his bicycle at the bottom of each frame, it's almost as if the bike is guiding the photographer through the streets of New York.